The M.Not electronic mouse trap by Animal Deterrent Systems (ADS) is a unique product that safely, humanely and effectively eliminates mice from commercial and industrial sites.

The M.Not is the first "single solution" mousetrap available. It can be used repeatedly with minimum maintenance and maximum results to eliminate mice from damaging your products and facilities, and from endangering your workers' health.

Our mouse trap is the solution for you if your business suffers from any of these mouse problems:
  • Food spoilage and product contamination from feces, urine or gnawing
  • Ruined inventory
  • Lost customers due to the presence of vermin
  • Mice in restaurant/food prep workspaces
  • Electrical shorts, fires, computer outages or system failures caused by mice chewing through electrical cords, cables and wires

Our customers include organizations from a number of different sectors:

  • Corporate
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Commercial/Retail
  • Pest control companies
  • Government agencies
  • Food manufacturers
  • Grocery store chains
  • Health agencies
  • Education
Learn more about the benefits of the M.Not and how the electronic mouse trap works.